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Tell me about your application. What motion automation requirements do you have? Pneumatic, electromechanical or both? Linear, rotary, or both? Crude or Precise? Repeatability good enough, or do you need accuracy too? How many axes? Let’s go through each axis one at a time? Any Multi-axis systems? Stepper or Servo? Do you need to track location? What safety concerns do you have? Will you need a human machine interface, or is it standalone? If you’re operating it using a computer, how far away will you be from the equipment? Is this a one time application, or will you be replicating your design? How soon do you need it? Some of our manufacturers have longer lead times than others, but if you need it in a week, let me see what I can do.

In founding In-Position Technologies, Neil Jacques wanted to create a one of a kind automation distribution center that treats people with respect and delivers excellence in every aspect of its operation. Our experienced staffs of highly trained account managers, applications engineers, and customer service representatives are here to serve local markets in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Give us a call or an email, we’ll come to you.


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