a. COMPANY is defined as In-Position Technologies, LLC
b. CUSTOMER is defined as ____________________________
c. A blanket order is described as any order CUSTOMER places with COMPANY containing multiple delivery dates scheduled over a period of time.


a. Blanket order may be scheduled over a ___ month (6 or 12) period, starting from the original date of purchase order and concluding with the final shipment.
b. Blanket order term may not exceed the period agreed to in part a. above.
c. Blanket orders may not be rescheduled to exceed the period agreed to in part II a. without written approval from IP Tech.


a. Each scheduled delivery must constitute at least 10% of the entire order.
b. Deliveries may not be rescheduled within 4 weeks of scheduled delivery.
c. Only scheduled deliveries, i.e. shipments as a whole, may be rescheduled. Scheduled shipments may not be broken up.


a. Cancellation charges will be assessed against all work in progress, development costs, and inventory.
b. Blanket order items are non-returnable.
c. Failure to accept delivery for all items ordered within the period agreed to in part I a. may result in IP Tech reestablishing unit prices for each item ordered for the entire order, i.e. for items shipped and for items not yet shipped. This new price will be based upon both the new number of units scheduled for delivery, and the number of units already delivered. If this number of units fall below the quantity break required to receive the original price quoted, then the price will have to be adjusted.