I. Mechanical Subassemblies

a. In-Position Technologies uses state of the art 3D solid modeling software to design and build custom mechanical subassemblies. With our extensive resources we nearly always can find a positioning system that is right for your application, and with our mechanical design capabilities, we can deliver the system ready to be bolted into your new machine complete with turnkey cable management. So whether your application requires a simple X-Y table or complex 8 axes system, ask us for a quote on the subassembly.

II.  Kitting, Subassemblies and Custom Firmware Solutions

a. Numerous customers have come to us for palletized supply solutions once their programs move into the production phase. We routinely kit products from multiple manufactures to provide our customers with an integrated supply solution. Often this means we load customer developed software into our controllers before shipping, making it possible for our clients to remove one important and often difficult step from the manufacturing process. Our internal systems and procedures document every step of the process of loading and testing customer software, providing a total quality solution for our clients.

III. Electrical Enclosures

a. Installing our amplifiers, drives and controllers into a single electrical enclosure is a common way our customer’s reduce their time to machine turn on and overall learning curve. These time conscious customers have chosen to receive one fully integrated enclosure from one-supplier rather dozens nonintegrated parts from multiple suppliers.

IV. Programming and Software Development

a. Many of our customers come to us with concepts for a new tool or machine in which they prefer to act as general contractor for the project. These customers are capable of performing much of the mechanical design and engineering themselves, but simply lack the internal resources necessary to do motion control programming for the new tool. In-Position Technologies bridges the gap between larger Automation Integration Companies (click here for list of companies) and complete do-it-yourself engineering. Put our motion control expertise to use for you and ask for a quote from one of our sales engineers. You will be surprised just how efficient and cost-effective we can be when writing control programs for our own controllers.

V. Custom Cables

a. In-Position Technologies designs, builds, and tests custom cable assemblies to meet our customer’s unique requirements. Cables are the number one cause of failures during start up of automation systems. Our engineers are factory trained motion control experts with years of schooling going in to applying our systems. So whether you are purchasing a stepper or servo system, a motion controller or simple indexer, an integrated intelligent motor controller or a traditional motor amplifier system, ask one of our sales engineers to include a quote for a custom cable assembly. Avoid startup problems right up front and “Systemize your Order”.

VI. TSLOTS Design Center

a. Our Design Center gives engineers the ability to quickly design machine bases, hard guarding and other tooling utilizingTSLOTS aluminum extrusion. These structures are light, strong, and easy to assemble or modify with basic tools. A full cut shop, inventory on hand, and engineers on staff allows In-Position Technologies to design, kit and build assemblies to suit a wide range of applications with short lead times. Let us complete your solution with a custom.

VII. Custom OEM Products

a. At times our clients simply cannot find an off the shelf product that will meet their needs at the targeted price. Upon request, In-Position Technologies will pull together our extensive resources to propose a unique solution to our client’s application problem.