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Just wanted to let you know that Brett has been extremely helpful with getting two of our test systems back up and functioning. Drove out in a blizzard today to help us.

R&D Technician



Thanks again for your continuous support of Ventana. Great quality is absolutely Ventana’s top priority and we sincerely appreciate the outstanding performance your company has had since the Ultra launch. Keep up the great work and let’s continue our partnership for the years to come. Adaptability and flexibility is a critical aspect of our supply chain efforts.

Senior Materials Manager
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

I appreciate the quality and delivery that we are receiving from your company. It is great that we have not had a single rejection since we launched Ultra. Please extend the appreciation to all the involved parties for this product. Thank you!

Strategic Sourcing
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.



Precision Shooting Equipment is a technological leader in the field of archery equipment. In furtherance of that end it has just completed a new machine. This machine has five servo driven axis as well as other digitally controlled devises. A Parker Compumotor controller and a CTC HMI control this machine. Because PSE is not a machine tool builder, Parker Compumotor and In Position Technology were chosen as a single source provider for servomotors and control equipment. This turned out to be a very wise choice.

Aaron Clum of IP Tech was instrumental in motor sizing and selection. Thru two difficult years of design and build, he never wavered in providing outstanding technological support. In fact he often went above and beyond what might have been reasonably expected. His support was typical of that provided by Parker Compumotor. From hands on training, to tuning and debugging Parker never failed to provide any support necessary. John Lin, Electromechanical Territory Manager, and Ernest Hung, Technical Systems Support Engineer, of the Parker Hannifin Corporation were also instrumental in guaranteeing the success of this project.

In my 30 plus years of experience designing tooling and machinery I have always found that Products from Parker Hannifin Corporation were of the highest Quality and very well supported.

PSE Automation Engineer/Tool Designer



I wanted to take a minute to recognize the excellent service and support I recently received from In-Position Technologies, LLC

Best Regards,

Autoflex Systems, Inc.



Thanks for all your help and putting up with delay after delay and change after change. Your customer support is above and beyond! I have enjoyed working with you. You have earned the position as my go to guy for any type of actuator, stage, or gearbox.

Mechanical Engineer
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp



I would like to thank you both for excellent service. We received the
gear box yesterday and our plasma cutting machine is back up and
running. Thanks again for all your help.

Heflin Steel Maintenance Manager



Thank you for letting me know. Communication is a sign of a grate
vendor. It was/is so nice to have a vendor be proactive and tell me up
front that a delivery date will be pushed back. Unfortunately a large
number of vendors will not say a word until I call them the day after
the parts should have come in. So great work and please keep it up. I
look forward to work with your company in the future.

Aircraft Interior Products
Goodrich Corporation



Thank you, Sheryl. I look forward to receiving the parts and leaving everything the way it is. I had a great meeting with Bryan at our facility this morning. You guys are first rate.

Lignin USA Owner



Your support during this project has been invaluable. We simply could not have made our deadline and met our customer’s expectation for an on time delivery without your help. Thank you, we will look to you again for our next automation project.

Motorola Semiconductor Engineer